Road Trip to Broome – 80 Mile Beach, Cape Keraudren and James Price Point

Broome is located in Western Australia in one of the world's most beautiful natural places. On this episode we visit Port Hedland, Cape Keraudren, 80 Mile Beach, Broome, the Willie Creek Pearl Farm and James Price Point.

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Welcome to Wout of the World and welcome to the overwhelming nature of Australia.

We’re here guys. This is Broome, our final destination on this beautiful road trip along the west coast of Australia. A month ago we started in Perth and we saw so many beautiful things on the way.

But now it’s Broome and we do this with a rental camper that we got from WA Experts in Western Australia. It’s a sick 4×4 with a rooftop tent so full of adventure.

The adventure started in the city of Perth, but soon we were surrounded by wildlife as we’re driving up north through a remote paradise.

From the extensive Ningaloo Reef. We drove all the way to Karijini National Park for canyons and waterfalls.

Last night, after our spectacular adventure in the outback in Karajini, we drove for about 4 hours and it was dark when we arrived at this camping. We’re in Port Headland, a harbour town with not so many things to do but spectacular views over the beaches.

We just chillax here for a couple of days. We need the swimming pool because it’s very hot, and then we head on to Broome, the end of this spectacular road trip.

Our campsite in Port Hedland is again in an amazing spot. But keep in mind that not far from here is the largest port city in all of Australia. It’s like I said, guys, with temperatures like these, a swimming pool is a must.

Over here you also find the largest salt producer in the world called Dampier Salt. And we get a nice sneak peek as we drive on to Broome.

The road again. I just can’t wait to get on the road again. We are on the road again and we just stopped to get some drinks from the back and I just wanted to say it’s a 45 degrees celsius out here. We’re going to 80 miles beach and Cape Keraudren on the way, our next destinations. But if I don’t go back in the car quickly with the air conditioning on, I would probably be lying here on the floor in a puddle. The sun is burning.

The further north we drive up that west coast, the more beautiful the colours become. This cape is located 2 hours from Port Hedland, surrounded by a vast natural park.

So I’m standing here on the beach of Cape Keraudren and as you can see in the back, it has beautiful big red rocks right next to the water that has many different shades of blue. And now I’m standing on the beach right between the rocks and those are very cool as well because if you look up close, you see all kinds of fossils and shellfish and I don’t know what’s going on here.

How awesome is it to walk around on this beach? Cape Keraudren seems like a biology class, but outdoors.

From the cape, we drove another 2 hours to our next destination where we’re going to spend the night, and it’s 80 miles beach. And we stopped here because I saw a bunch of wallabies hopping over the roads. The sun is setting and you always see a lot of wildlife then, they’re still over there.

After those 2 hours drive, we find our campsite at the famous 80 Mile Beach, and that also turns out to be the only inhabited place in the middle of nowhere. Nevertheless, we do come here for something very special. On the beach, we hope to witness one of Australia’s greatest natural wonders.

Wow, guys, this is so awesome. Normally you wouldn’t say that this is the most beautiful beach that you ever saw in your life, except for today and in the months November and December, because the turtles come to the land here to lay their eggs. And today we see dozens of them everywhere around us, digging holes and laying their eggs. It’s a natural phenomenon.

The sea turtles embark on an exhausting journey across the white beach around sunset. Their instincts lead them into the dunes, where they are determined to fulfil their primary purpose in life. They lay and bury their eggs, never to return again. So how special are we as witnesses? As we stick around, we see one after the other shuffling across the beach just in time before it gets dark.

Wow guys, what happened here on the beach last night was truly amazing and one of my best experiences in all my travels so far, to see all the turtles on the beach laying their eggs. But unfortunately, it’s also time to leave.

This morning, we’re driving towards our final destination of this road trip along the west coast, which is Broome. So Broome, here we come baby, for a final big bang.

Wow, guys, it’s another super hot day today. It’s nearly 50 degrees celsius and we just stopped for gas on the way. This is called the Savannah Way. It’s right in the middle of the desert and there is a wind, but it feels more like an oven. And I think when we get to Broome, the first thing we need is a swimming pool.

We’re here guys, this is Broome. After a month of traveling along the west coast of Australia, we started in Perth, saw all the beautiful things on the way, and now we stepped outside and already the air feels more tropical, it’s humid, it’s warm, and this is Broome. We have four days left to explore the area. So beautiful here.

Yes, guys, that area around Broome is worth it. This is the most southern point of a region called the Kimberley Coast, a geological paradise where fossils, pearls, but even dinosaur tracks can be found.

Broome is a cozy little town, but especially the surroundings make it a great town. If you drive for 15 minutes to either side, you will find the ocean, which is blue, the mangrove trees inside, the red sands and the beautiful rocks. And the first stop that we make today is Roebuck Bay, just a little east of the town.

From Roebuck Bay, we drove about 15 minutes to the other side of Broome on the most southwestern point. It’s called Gantheaume Point, and you will find even more beautiful colours here. The green, the red rocks and the most beautiful blue ocean I have seen so far here on the west coast. And it’s especially beautiful from above with the drone.

Again we notice that this area is particularly quiet. In places like this, we are all alone. Could Western Australia perhaps be the traveler’s best kept secret.

From Broome it’s totally worth it to drive up north for an hour or so, because there are two significant places along these dirt roads. And you’ll find the first one at about half an hour, which is called Willie Creek. And at Willie Creek, there are some oyster farms. And at the oyster farms, they do not only catch the oysters, but they also find pearls in them.

And the pearls they can sell. So it’s a real business over here. And after that, we’ll drive on to the next spot, which is James Price Point on the rocks, a beautiful view over the ocean. And I don’t have to tell you guys that the road over there is already very adventurous.

That’s it, guys, unfortunately it’s time to leave Broome. And also, it’s the end of the episode and the end of our fantastic road trip along the west coast of Australia. We’ve been to the east coast before, where it’s booming, hot and happening, and so much to see as well.

But the west coast was serene. It’s nature, it’s untouched. And we loved it so much that I can recommend everybody to see the west coast of Australia at one point in your lifetime, because this is really back to nature like nothing else. And for us, it’s time to move on because this world trip is not over. And we’re going to the Philippines to do some island hopping. I’ll see you there.

We keep enjoying this wonderful swimming pool in the Australian summer heat. Because before we know it, we’ll be boarding the next roller coaster. A great adventure awaits us in the Philippines with actual wonders of the world.


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