Road Trip through Shark Bay, Monkey Mia & Francois Peron National Park, WA

Australia's Best Nature!? Road trip through Shark Bay, Monkey Mia & Francois Peron National Park, WA

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Welcome to Wout of the World and in this episode, you’ll see us traveling the West Coast of Australia again. We’re in one of the most fantastic natural spots because this is the Shark Bay area, a World Heritage Site full of nature phenomenons.

At WA Experts, we picked up our four wheel drive camper for a road trip from Perth to Broome.

The previous four episodes, you saw the Southwest of Australia, full of special animals and bizarre nature.

And now we pick up where we left off somewhere halfway in the middle of nowhere.

Wow, guys. We just kept on driving and it’s already pretty dark out. It’s about eight o’clock. And we didn’t see any villages on the road yet for a couple of hundreds of kilometres. So we just stopped at the road side in the bush to make what we already ate yesterday. It’s Asian Wok sauce with some Mexican wraps. Why not? Because you’re camping, right? That’s West Australia.

One big advantage of Australia is that you can camp everywhere and it’s usually for free.

From the bright blue Hamelin Pool, it’s about a one and a half hour drive to heaven on earth. I think it’s the most beautiful place on the entire West Coast.

After the road trip with some mind blowing views, we arrived at Peron Peninsula, and this place is incredible. As you can see, the water is crystal clear and there’s supposed to be some dolphins out there as well. It looks like the Caribbean, or maybe even more beautiful. And we’re in a town called Denham, just to do a little shopping, to get some gas. And then we’re moving up north here to explore this peninsula guys.


Since there are many uninhabited places on the West Coast, you should fill up your car at every chance.

And I wasn’t just talking about diesel, you know : )

The next few days we’ll be spending at one of the most terrific spots here in Peron Peninsuland, and it’s called Monkey Mia, a very strange name, but it’s world famous in Australia. We have a very nice campsite, we have all the facilities like a kitchen, playgrounds, a swimming pool, a super nice access to the beach. But the surroundings here, they are stunning. I’ll show you with my drone.

Monkey Mia is a nature reserve with just one campsite. Mia comes from the Aboriginals and means home, and monkeys seem to have been here in the past as pets of Malaysian immigrants. The water at Monkey Mia is so clear that you can spot all kinds of animals even with the drone, like this group of sting rays.

But also this sea turtle. How bizarre is this?

Wow, guys, on the campsite, there are so many emus walking around, and Jens is a bit scared of them, just as his mother, Jens.

But I think they’re pretty great wild. Wild animals how often do you see those?

We fully enjoy this paradise, which has several swimming pools, playgrounds, restaurants and bars. Yet we only pay about 30 bucks a night for our family.

A very good morning, guys. I’m just making a nice stroll here among the pelicans. I was on my way to see the Dolphin experience because every morning here in Monkey Mia, they have a Dolphin experience and they feed some female Dolphins that they know of that come every day. But instead of those Dolphins, a wild one, like an unknown one, a male came by and I caught that one on camera. So everybody was very surprised this morning and I had a very good Dolphin experience.

From about 7am, I’ve been waiting for the Dolphins, which did not show up. But when almost everyone has already left, my big pal over here swims by.

Oh, and of course, don’t forget to say hello to my friends, the pelicans over here. Hey, guys. Good morning. Got some fish today.

Next spot that we’re visiting on the West Coast of Australia is called Shark Bay. The entire area is very big. They got some peninsulas, beautiful beaches, a lot of blue bays, and this area is not very populated. It’s all nature and it’s UNESCO World Heritage.

We’re spending the day in Francois Peron National Park. And to go there, you have to have a 4×4 car and we have to reduce the air in our tyres because we’re driving on the sand. So we’re standing in line and this park is very special because it’s the heart of Shark Bay and we’re going to see some very nice spot here in dunes. On this side of the road it’s time to deflate our tyres and when we leave the park, again, we can inflate them on the other side and the pressure that you have to aim at would be around 20. So here we go.

Takes a while.

Francois Peron was a French explorer and naturalist who crossed the country here in 1801, but probably without such an awesome 4WD camper with two rooftop tents.

The place to be in the Francois Peron National Park that we drove towards is Big Lagoon. It’s already pretty from down here on the beach with all the colours of the nature on the land and in the water. But wait till you see it from the sky, because this is a true artwork.

Well, this is what we came for. You can really only find such bizarre cocktail coastlines in Australia.

Next stop, guys, and I think you can guess which place this is because if there’s a big lagoon, there must be a little lagoon as well, which is this one. And it’s not that little, by the way. It’s perfect and blue.

Now that’s what I call a beautiful natural pool. And close to the little lagoon, we return to the relaxed town of Denham.

It’s almost time to leave Shark Bay, but before we do, there’s one more place I’d like to show you. It’s called Shell Beach and it’s one of the most beautiful beaches around here. And also, Jens is playing in this playground over here. And there are worse places to wait until your child is finished playing.

So many beautiful spots, guys. The one behind me here at the Bay is called Eagle Bluff. And this look out, it’s incredible.

Expansive Shell Beach is no less than 60 kilometres long and is located on the Southern shore of Shark Bay. It is one of only two beaches in the world that is made entirely of shells instead of sand.

Next time you will see us continue our road trip through the bizarre Australian nature.

Hop along as we visit Ningaloo Reef from Exmouth, and also we drive into the outback.

So stay tuned, like and subscribe.

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